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Hardware-as-a-Service Analysis Tool

Is recurring revenue right for you?

Explore your possibilities with our HaaS Analysis Tool, specifically designed to help users compare unit economics with their current sales model, estimate recurring revenue streams, and assess potential company valuation increases. Make a data-driven decision with ease and confidently determine the best path forward for your cleantech business. And if that path forward is scaling up with Perl Street, we'll port your tool data in to get you on the road to transformation even faster.

Asset Management Knowledge Base

Learn about the complex world of project finance

Discover Perl Street's extensive knowledge base, designed to educate users on the intricacies of project finance, asset management, SPV formation, and operation, as well as raising debt. This valuable resource provides in-depth guidance and best practices to help you navigate the complexities of the distributed asset management. Empower your business with comprehensive, expert-backed information and insights at your fingertips. Transform your understanding of finance and operations with Perl Street's knowledge base and transform how you think about scale.

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