Finance with Perl Street

Develop better projects.
Preserve equity.
Get assets funded.

The pitfalls of project development and financing are many and varied. Perl Street simplifies the process and provides you with a rapid and all-encompassing solution for effective project capitalization, SPV creation, and financial optimization.

Go from proof-of-concept to revenue generation in record time with Perl Street on your team.

Financial documentation

Present investment- grade financials

Our platform seamlessly synchronizes financial data with asset and project data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date insights. Stay ahead with real-time performance analysis and make informed decisions for your distributed infrastructure business. We bring process and well-tested structures to ensure that your statements feel familiar, even to lenders that have never invested in your space before.

Balance sheet structuring

Shape debt for maximum efficacy

Effortlessly balance equity, first loss capital, and debt to maximize returns and minimize risk. Our platform also enables accurate IRR estimation for all capital partners and streamlines initial commercial term proposals. Stay ahead with dynamic equity resizing algorithms, ensuring a robust loss buffer for senior capital while generating substantial returns for equity.

Transaction negotiation

Professional lender engagement

We assist in developing materials for lender due diligence, simplifying the negotiation process for loan agreements and related documents. Stay organized with a monitoring framework and efficiently service lender information and payment requests. Regularly refine your strategy to lower capital costs for program participants, ensuring optimal financial outcomes for your business.

SPVĀ creation

Zero-headache setup

Simplify financials and processes, reduce risk through non-recourse agreements, and set yourself up for scale by restructuring your corporation to take on debt and deploy your assets through a Special Purpose Vehicle. Perl Street takes care of the messy part of the process, allowing you maintain focus on growth.

Are you ready to become planetary-scale?

Whether a seasoned project developer, infrastructure startup, or a forward-thinking lender, if you play a part in building the future, we should be working together.

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