About Us

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Our Mission & Philosophy

We are empowering others to fundamentally transform the world.

As a pioneering climate tech and fintech platform, we strive to make sustainable energy universally accessible and support a diverse portfolios of projects that pave the way towards a greener, more resilient future.

Our mission is to accelerate the deployment of distributed assets that:

  • Accelerate sustainable transition

  • Innovate in energy origination and distribution

  • Pioneer the way for smarter, better and larger projects

Our Values

We are redefining the landscape of sustainable energy projects with a steadfast commitment to three core principles

1. Data Driven Decisions

At the core of strategic and accurate project decisions are data driven insight and analytics. We are laser focused on ‘augmenting the language of finance’

2. Speed & Scale Matter

The magnitude of impact is amplified by the speed at which it is achieved. We support those achieving a global impact with an emphasis on rapid expansion and capital efficiency.

3. A Future Focus

“It’s always been done this way” isn’t a good enough answer for us. We look towards bigger and brighter solutions for our clients and partners with true innovation.

Meet The Team

We are a diverse team with, united by a passion for a cleaner future for all.
 Our team’s ​decades of deep expertise in asset financing and management

Tooraj Arvajeh

CEO & Co-Founder

20+ years in global infrastructure and climate-tech projects. Senior roles at Arup, Hatch, BlocPower, with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business.

Arvind Vermani

COO & Co-Founder

Over 20 years in global credit and finance. Expert in structured finance, direct lending. Holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.

Jack Kerby-Miller

Business Development

Over a decade in climate.
 Expert in venture, debt, and blended finance. Advised NREL, LBNL, NYSERDA, and more. Studied Energy and Finance at Berkeley.

Nishant Aggarwal

Head of Product

2X founder, product leader in renewable energy Fintech. Experience with Sunrock DG, tech consultant for banks. Degrees from Dartmouth and Delhi College of Engineering

Ricardo Pacheco

Principal Software Engineer

15+ years’ experience in diverse industries. Specializes in distributed systems, cloud architecture, and Agile practices. Former roles at Amazon, ThoughtWorks, and Adidas.

Mitsuko Matsuda

Project Lead

Japan-based project management specialist in global fintech. Led localization initiatives for Web3 startups. Former Head of Product at Webull Securities.

Ben Hilborn

Outreach & Ops

Founder, strategist, operator. Designs and commercializes impactful products in energy, medical, and consumer electronics. Invests in startups for positive impact.

Our Advisors

John Witchel


CEO of King Energy, expert leadership in the solar industry. Deep entrepreneurial experience as a Founder of many startups and as a Chief Technology Officer.

Dr Peyman Faratin


18 years of innovation in AI and online marketplaces. MIT alumnus known for advanced negotiation algorithms, and shaping the future with Knowledge as a Service.

Our Combined Experience Has Built The World’s First
Dedicated Platform for DER Assets

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