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Financial and Financing Management

  • Accounting - multi-entity structure setup optimized for hundreds of entities and subsidiaries. Core General ledger and sub general ledgers based on entity/legal structure setup. Management of AR/AP, account reconciliation, cash management, and payment management.

  • Billing and Payments - billing operations management with advanced billing capabilities supporting multiple pricing models. Automate payments via standard payment methods such as ACH, Direct deposits, credit/debit cards.

  • Planning and Budgeting - build corporate level as well as entity level projections and What If scenarios via native modeling capabilities. Compare scenarios and optimize for custom variables.

  • Revenue Recognition - comply with accounting standards in revenue recognition and report financial results.

  • Actuals Integration and Reconciliation - Consolidate bank and credit card data for an accurate picture of current cash position with analytics capabilities for optimization of working capital, projecting cash requirements, and more.

  • Financial Reporting - meet reporting requirements for management/executives at different levels, to investors/LPs, and to regulatory authorities.

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