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Perl Street supports 60+ customers and is rapidly scaling 14+ GW of clean energy investments globally

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DER & VPP Aggregators

Scale financing solutions to thousands of assets, without overhead.

Solar & Storage Financiers

Streamline origination and service of your PPA investments.

Financial Institutions

Maximize the benefits of ITC/PTC by continuous monitoring of assets.

Government/Utility Program Managers

Build and manage financing solutions for more effective energy programs.

Hardware-as-a-Service Suppliers

Increase sales by bringing financing options to customers and generate recurring revenue.

Solar Financiers

Perl Street allows King Energy to seamlessly manage portfolio operations​.

Prior to Perl Street, simply aggregating all of the project financial models would take 2+ weeks due to the difficult and limiting nature of VBA and PowerBI. Anytime updates needed to be brought in from Salesforce, and it had to be done manually, creating a ripe opportunity for errors.​​

With Perl Street's What If and Scenario Modeling, as well as Salesforce and Powertrack integrations, these aggregation, data syncing, and modeling tasks can be handled instantly and without error. Since all of King Energy's models are hosted on platform, they can do things like compare scenarios with the roll-up financials of the portfolio of projects. Additionally, they manage global assumptions to run What If scenarios for portfolio optimization. This enables:​​
- Easily and accurately aggregating project financial data​
- 50% savings of analysts time​

PPA Investors

PerlStreet empowers the Ampyr finance team to manage, search, filter, and aggregate data across hundreds of Excel files efficiently.

Prior to Perl Street, Ampyr’s team spent days aggregating cashflow, P&L and BS across their portfolio, manually or with VBA code in Excel. The end result was clunky, slow, non-shareable, and limiting. Adding a new opportunity or planning the optimal project mix for their portfolio was difficult and error prone. Sharing the outputs with the team and/or executive stakeholders was either impossible or very difficult.

With Excel Rollups from Perl Street, Ampyr can now simplify portfolio financial planning and analysis by directly ingesting and aggregating complex Excel files. This allows:
•Tactical portfolio-level dashboards
•Better traction with executive leadership
•Higher confidence in the optimized project mix
•50% time savings for the analyst team

Battery Incentive Financing

To read about the pioneering work we completed with The Energy Coalition to access significant incentive financing, check out our case study.

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