The purpose-built analytics platform for distributed energy asset operators.

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Asset Analytics

The Perl Street Asset (and Portfolio) Analytics Module enables users to track and report on accurate real-time and consolidated financial and operational performance of each asset, whether by site or by project. Example metrics include:

  • Solar Energy Produced

  • Energy Revenue

  • Asset Investment Yield

In addition, Asset Analytics also tracks performance by portfolio, and can be filtered by location, funding entity, funding structures, and more. Custom reporting views are available for investors, executives, operators, and customers.

Typical user inputs include:

  • Funding terms and portfolios setup via Funding Structure configuration module integration

  • Device/asset performance data via Excel upload and/or DAS integration (e.g., Powerfactors)

  • Site/asset details via project management system and/or CRM

  • Financing/pricing terms via Accounting/ERP systems

Variance Analysis

The Perl Street Variance Analysis Module enables users to:

  • Conduct variance analysis of projected vs actual financial and operational performance, such as for cashflows or energy production

  • Generate reports with comments explaining the variances

  • Export repost in Excel or PDF formats

Rollup Reporting

The Perl Street Rollup Reporting Module enables users to aggregate individual project financial data into portfolio- or funding structure-level dashboards for rollup reporting. For example:

  • Rollup individual project financial statements into portfolio financials

  • Rollup high-resolution projected cashflows into portfolio projections

  • Rollup individual project variances into portfolio variances

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Loan Management

The Perl Street Loan Management Module enables users to:

  • Parameterize complex loan terms (via Funding Structures module) with finalized terms provided by the lender, including those with a complex mix of other funding sources such as equity and incentives.

  • Set up custom alerts and warnings based on severity of breachs.

  • Generate loan reports, such as monthly loan and covenant monitoring report in lender-approved formats, and monthly consolidated asset operational performance reports.

Typical user inputs include:

  • Funding terms and portfolios setup via Funding Structures  module integration

  • Configuration of Reporting Requirements and templates

  • External system integrations such as Accounting/ERP

Additional features include:

  • Providing lenders access to a custom lender view for ongoing loan management

  • Enabling the borrower to send a qualified request for funds to the lender which includes all documents needed for such a request and any covenant calculations required for a qualified request

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