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Perl Street increases your speed and capacity while reducing risk and busy-work. It’s the perfect addition to any team deploying distributed asset projects.

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Grind-free Excels

Keep your spreadsheets, but get rid of their mundane tasks.

Industry Integrations

Complete your tech stack and build cross-functionality with existing tools.

Flexibility & Scalability

Be flexible for innovative tasks but be scalable for routines.

Excel File Quality Control and Versioning

Comprehensive version control for project Excel files, ensuring efficient management, tracking, and sharing of file versions. Keep your Excel files but stop wasting time on the Excel grind. ​Benefits include:

  • Guaranteed tracked changes across different versions and users​

  • Guaranteed location and naming conventions​

  • Guaranteed audit logs​

  • No stress over your drafts by easily rolling back to last good version​

  • Efficient collaboration, data integrity, and flexibility​

Excel Rollup Reporting

Directly ingest complex Excel files and aggregating data into portfolio-level dashboards. This module empowers analysts to manage, search, and filter data across hundreds of Excel files efficiently.

• Rollup individual project financial statements into portfolio financials
• Rollup high-resolution projected cashflows into portfolio projections
• Rollup individual project variances into portfolio variances

Scenario Analysis

Create varying scenarios and compare the impact of changes on your portfolio. Compare different global assumptions and their influence on aggregate cash flows. Experience benefits like:
• Enhanced decision-making by evaluation potential impacts with robust scenario and sensitivity analysis tools
• Centralize and batch update global assumptions, ensuring consistency across all models
• Turn a process that typically takes days into minutes as no manual updates to each individual Excel model are needed
• Improved strategic planning with detailed feasibility and sensitivity analyses

Dashboard Builder

Dashboard Builder is our proprietary no-code tool built for building custom financial data-heavy dashboards that include a mix of:

  • Single value metrics/KPIs

  • Time series data with 20+ year long schedules at monthly/yearly frequency

  • Charts with year-over-year/month-over-month trends, variance analysis, etc.

  • Complex real-time calculations, and more.

This enables critical finance team needs such as building rollup views by aggregating data from 100s of projects as well as building variance reports at a portfolio-level.

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