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level-up your team.

Perl Street increases your speed and capacity while reducing risk and busy-work. It’s the perfect addition to any team deploying distributed asset projects.

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End To End FinOps

We cover the operations of your project from first pencil through to end-of-life, maintaining a consistent source of truth along the way.

Industry Integrations

Cross functionality and integration across your existing ERP, CRM’s & Accounting tools means no need to migrate and no lock-in.

Flexibility & Scalability

We’ve designed the Perl Street platform to fuel your growth and scale with you, providing relevant tools from 1 project to 1000.

End To End Finops

The perfect tool for any team at any stage of the project life cycle. Perl Street’s modular approach means it can be used horizontally or vertically over entire DER project life cycles

  • Origination: simplify pipeline analytics and funding qualification

  • Capital Deployment: reduce capital management complexity

  • Asset Management: Gain asset and portfolio precision for sustained success

Industry Specific Integrations

We include all relevant integrations to bring in the data that matters, regardless of what tools you currently use. These include:

Data acquisition systems, for live asset performance
Accounting and bookkeeping, for up to date cashflows
Excel, for models and more
Environmental, for performance-affecting factors

Flexibility & Scalablity

Nobody wants to be forced to change their workflow, especially to adopt a tool that’s not designed for their situation. Perl Street is designed to work for everyone from small teams to large enterprises, scaling up functionality and access to match your needs.

PerlStreet Software

Deep Analytical, Realtime Insight Into
Your Assets & Project Portfolios

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