Scaling clean, distributed energy into tomorrow's
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Our world is powered by project developers. Perl Street enables the next generation of energy producers to deploy sustainable technologies, de-risk operations, and fund their projects to meet the world's most pressing challenges.

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Perl Street is an end-to-end operating system designed to propel clean and distributed power generation to scale, and an operating system to run it lean once there.
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At Perl Street, we are committed to supporting and accelerating the growth of the renewable energy sector. Our cutting-edge platform empowers cleantech companies in the renewable energy production vertical to overcome financing and operational challenges, driving innovation and the adoption of sustainable solutions for a greener future.

$250M+ in project funding offered
50+ companies transformed into top-performing infrastructure developers
Future-ready assets managed in every vertical imaginable

Renewable Energy Challenges and Opportunities


Competing in distributed energy required harnessing financial incentives to improve both your customer pricing and your return on equity, however the landscape of rebates, tax credits, carbon offtake and performance-based payments is geographically and technically complex. Perl Street's financing programs make it simple, wrapping strategic incentives into equipment financing, reducing the cost of capital, and providing your deployments capital when they need it.

Immediate customer savings

Perl Street's infrastructure-as-a-service model removes the notorious first-cost barrier for distributed energy projects. Even where there is a strong ROI, high capex at the project outset can strain customer budgets and sink deployment. Perl Street takes the capex burden off your customer, and can them immediate net value, making the sales decision a no-brainer.

Ongoing financial performance

Managing distributed energy projects in deployment is complex. As you deploy assets at an accelerating rate,  it becomes harder to monitor financial performance of deployed assets and make adjustments. This opacity and any lag in performance reporting can obscure issues (or over-performance) until its to late. With Perl Street's real-time asset monitoring, you'll always have the information to make the best decisions, and you'll have the track record to continually reduce the cost of capital.

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Streamlined Project Financing and Management

Our platform simplifies the process of securing project financing for renewable energy production, offering tools and resources to access various types of debt and non-dilutive financing. With our expertise in project finance, asset management, and SPV creation, we empower companies reduce their risk and downside, optimize performance, and manage assets effectively, enabling them to focus on driving innovation and expanding their renewable energy portfolio.

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