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The future of infrastructure is distributed, and Perl Street is the impossibly good operating system for managing and scaling distributed asset portfolios.
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Get the most out of your assets with Perl Street

Reduce overhead

Perl Street reduces overhead costs by streamlining operations, optimizing financial management, and providing tailored solutions for project development and fundraising.

Deploy with maximum impact

Perl Street maximizes your project's impact through expert-designed tools for on capital structure and management. We enable you to deploy your future-building projects with precision, driving innovation and positive change in the industry.

Engage your stakeholders

Perl Street enhances stakeholder engagement by providing clear, effective communication on financial planning, project development, and strategic goals. Our accessible tools and resources empower you to foster transparency and trust, ensuring strong relationships with investors, partners, and customers.

Data Ingestion

Make sense of the noise

Effortlessly create templates for your Asset companies that outline Deployment and Device hierarchy, as well as parameters like project delivery parties, off-takers, lenders, and location. Customize revenue and cost models for each level, ensuring a smooth data management process and optimized decision-making.

Treasury and Cash Management

Maintain a healthy balance sheet

Stay on top of your finances with real-time account balance tracking for multiple accounts, such as operational and reserve accounts. Effortlessly maintain target account levels and visualize required transfers to ensure optimal financial management.

Bidding, Contracts, and Project Management

Bring everyone to the table

Streamline your project lifecycle with support for RFQ/RFP generation, vendor contract creation, and project deployment pipeline planning. Maximize capital utilization efficiency and smoothly transition projects through various stages, from proposal to commercial operation.

Customer Underwriting & Loan Management

Manage risk and obligations

Customize underwriting processes to meet client requirements, manage loan facilities effectively, and facilitate seamless communication with lenders and project partners. Generate equity projections, monitor covenants, and provide ongoing reporting to sponsors and financing partners.

Reporting and Reconciliation

Reports you'll want to read

Access a wide array of custom reports, including internal management dashboards, financial statements for auditors, and lender reporting. Reconcile ledgers with external balances and easily monitor your business's financial health with our comprehensive reporting tools.

SPVĀ Creation

Zero-headache setup

Simplify financials and processes, reduce risk through non-recourse agreements, and set yourself up for scale by restructuring your corporation to take on debt and deploy your assets through a Special Purpose Vehicle. Perl Street takes care of the messy part of the process, allowing you maintain focus on growth.

Are you ready to become planetary-scale?

Whether a seasoned project developer, infrastructure startup, or a forward-thinking lender, if you play a part in building the future, we should be working together.

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