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Build great contracts.
De-risk buying & selling.
Build bankable cashflows.

Unlock the potential of your future-ready infrastructure with Perl Street, designed to help you prepare for the complexities of project finance, asset management, and rapid infrastructure scaling.

Perl Street is the path to operating at planetary scale and having global impact. Are you on that path?


Your product is the first-of-a-kind (FOAK), meaning you're truly breaking new ground.
Alternatively, you're deploying an existing technology in a new way, such as via a Hardware-as-a-Service business model.


You likely require significant CAPEX to truly get your solution into the right hands. You may be evaluating (or already have) venture debt, but need to access lower-cost capital in order to scale.


You want to deploy your product or service beyond a single customer or single geography. You're here to change the world, and you have every intention to become planet-scale, even if you don't quite know how to get there.

Does that sound like your organization? Then you need to see what Perl Street can do.

Richard Kauffman
Chairman, NYSERDA

Prepare your business model for scale

Implement a powerful commercialization strategy with our innovative Hardware-as-a-Service solution, including by preparing key commercial terms and developing your pipeline the right way. Eliminate upfront costs for your customers, driving increased sales and fostering better customer relationships. Generate stable, recurring revenue streams while creating a sticky customer experience.

Capital Sizing & Raising

Understand the interplay between commercialization and fundraising

Empower your business with our comprehensive solution that unlocks insights into your company's ideal capital structure, balancing equity and debt for optimal growth. Effortlessly determine funding needs while preparing to effectively communicate with investors to secure essential resources. Our cutting-edge platform streamlines the development of a tailored fundraising strategy, ensuring seamless financial planning and a clear path to scale.

Pipeline & Project Development

De-risk and lock in upside

Elevate your strategic capacity with our comprehensive contract curation, covering both buy and sell side agreements. Streamline your operations with standardized processes and efficiently identify the right partners to bear risk. Master execution and negotiation strategies, supported by Perl Street offering contract templates tailored to your needs. Skillfully develop and de-risk your project pipeline by building "bankable scenarios."

Perl Street changes the trajectory of world-changing companies. But don't take our word for it.

"Perl Street not only helped us build out our Hardware-as-a-Service business model, but also made it clearly understandable, which contributed to our ability to raise our seed round."

Luke Mairo
COO, Voltpost
Voltpost brings EV charging to every street by retrofitting lampposts into a modular EV charging platform.
Check them out!

Key values for Voltpost


Companies with Hardware-as-a-Service business models sell more, faster, and command a 1.7x higher valuation.

Bankable financials

Just because your technology is innovative, doesn't mean your finances should be. Familiar financials get funded.

Finance matching

When the stars align, Perl Street may be inclined to make an introduction between a promising venture and a financier.

Are you ready to become planetary-scale?

Whether a seasoned project developer, cleantech startup, or an ambitious lender, if you play a part in building the future, we should be working together

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